The perfect paint finish for your vehicle

We will low bake our work on site every time so you get the perfect finish. From part re-sprays to entire vans just talk to us about what you need and we’ll supply a stylish and clean finish.

For all your van or car body work needs, let us know what you have in mind and we will give your vehicle the finish it deserves.

We specialise in accident repair for a wide range of vehicles and with our experience we repair each vehicle to a high standard. Each car is thoroughly assessed to identify the extent of the damage and the estimated time it will take to complete the work.

We offer a wide range of services for vehicles . When it comes to accident repair you know you’re getting quality service from our repair shop professionals.

  • Technically advanced collision repair equipment
  • Highly trained and certified repair technicians
  • Pick-up and delivery by arrangement
  • Approved parts and exact standards
  • Quality replacement vehicles available
  • All makes and models repaired

Here you can see what we have to offer and what you’ll pay for that

Avoid major repair hassles with our superior paintless dent removal service. Highly experienced technicians at our repair shop offer highly innovative process of removing unsightly dents. It’s why we’re an authorized repairer for all major insurance groups across Australia.

Why choose Car Dent Removal?

  • Competitive Pricing
  • High Standard
  • Quick turnaround
  • Quality Assurance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Highly trained professionals
  • What dents can be removed?

If your vehicle has a dent we can help. Damage caused by the weather? Shopping trolley accident? Contact us.

Our Dent Removal Service can repair:

  • Large Dents
  • Minor dents
  • Creases
  • Door Dings
  • Body Line Dents
  • Soft Press Dents
  • Damage from hail

Scratches on a car can decrease the value of it depending on how bad the scratch is. At Jack Auto Garage we will repair any size scratch and exactly match the existing colour code of the paint, then repair the affected area only and finish it so it will look like nothing happened to the car.

Light scratches can be repaired using a polisher and special polishing formulas but deeper scratches will require spraying or touching up with the correct paint.

At Jack’s Auto Garage we can take care of all your auto repair needs, from oil changes and brakes, to computer problems and driveability issues. We work on exhaust and cooling systems, and do engine and transmission replacements. We have the diagnostic equipment to handle all of your automotive computer and electrical issues. We can also give you an estimate on all services.
Give us a call today and let us help you keep your vehicle running it’s best! Our priority is giving our customers the best service available, keeping in mind the customer’s cost, safety and peace of mind.

We offer:

1. All year servicing.

Preparation to MOT test
2. Replacing Fluid’s:

Rngine oil
Gearbox oil
Brake oil
Cooling fluid
3. Timing Belt Replacment:

Belt replacment
Rollers tensiomers

4. Exhaust:

Catalytic converter
Full exhaust
5. Clutches:

Driven Plate
Pressure plate
Realase bearing
Dual Mass Fly Wheel
6. Cooling:

water pump
7. Suspension:

Full service
And much more…..

A DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) also known as FAP on some French vehicles, is a device fitted to the exhaust system of modern diesel vehicles to reduce emissions and meet European emission standards. It does this by trapping Soot (Particulate Matter – PM) from the exhaust gasses while letting the gasses flow through the system.
As with any type of filter a Particulate Filter needs to be cleaned regularly to function properly. With DPF’s this is done by a process known as Regeneration which involves a combination of a Catalyst function in the system and burning the soot to gas at a very high temperature leaving behind an Ash residue within the DPF. Regeneration should be an automatic process taking place in the normal use of your vehicle, you may have noticed this in the form of a blast of white smoke form the exhaust on occasions.
If regeneration doesn’t function properly it leads to a build up of soot affecting performance and fuel economy, left unattended this will result in a Blocked DPF which can ultimately cause very expensive damage to other engine components. A blocked DPF is also potentially dangerous as it can cause overheating in the exhaust system and cause a fire risk. To prevent this damage most newer vehicles will go into “Limp Home” safety mode at this stage, meaning the vehicle will have minimum power barely sufficient to crawl home. For regeneration to take place it requires the vehicle to be driven regularly at some speed on open roads e.g. motorway driving, typically driving at around 2500 RPM for approx 30mins at least once a month, this will keep things working. However, many diesel vehicles are used primarily in urban areas or on short stop start journeys e.g. local deliveries, taxi’s, school runs etc and many have auto gearbox, so the vehicle does not get the chance to heat up sufficiently and is unable to carry out a full regeneration process.
Even if the regeneration functions as it should, over time the Ash Residue will build up in the DPF and have the same affect ultimately resulting in a blocked DPF. For this reason a DPF is classified as a Serviceable Item by the vehicle manufacturers like brake pads or air filters etc and not covered under warranty. DPF systems therefore need to be maintained properly.

If your DPF warning light  is on, please do not ignore it (typical dash warning symbols below). Get professional advice, consider your options carefully and attend to the problem. Leaving it will ultimately cost you much more in additional repair bills and it can be dangerous.

By the time your DPF warning lights are visible your DPF will already be significantly blocked. Forced regeneration by a garage or a “blast down the motorway” is not likely to cure the problem, these only work as preventative maintenance. So at this stage realistically you have the following 2 options:-

DPF Removal
DPF Replacment

It is not illegal to remove the DPF, however in the UK it is an offence to use a vehicle on the road that no longer complies with the emissions standards it was designed to meet.
Changing any part of the exhaust or emissions system with a part other than the vehicle manufacturer’s original part that may change the emissions could be an offence. Currently emissions testing outside the London Emissions Zone (LEZ) is limited to the standard MOT test.

ECU Remapping and Diesel Tuning Experts
Here at Jack Auto Garage we use the latest ECU remapping Chip tuning technology  available. We copy information about your vehicle from it’s ECU using dedicated hardware.
Why Bother ?
ECU Remapping/Chip tuning as it’s known, enables engineers(not mechanics) to tune all aspects of your vehicles performance and engine management without getting their hands dirty. You can expect to get an instant increase in overall performance by up to 40% (depending on the make and model of your vehicle). Chip Tuners strive to achieve best gains in torque, performance and fuel economy.
Nearly every vehicle has it’s little annoyances. Some have flat-spots in power, torque and acceleration, some runout of power above a certain number of revs.

Our services:

  • Full Custom Remapping Chip tuning Diesel Tuning and diesel remapping via developed Software
  • DPF Delete Full Service Including Software and DPF Pipe Removal (not many companies offer whole service)
  • We Make Our Software Bespoke for Every Vehicle Can be Changed at Time of Tuning
  • EGR Delete/2nd Lambda Delete
  • Eco Remapping 10 mpg+ extra save around 60-80 miles a tank!
  • Bosch ECU Specailist We Have Access to data from Bosch and Manufacturer We have data For Siemens ECU Managment

Our technicians are able to repair locked airbag modules after the airbags have gone off potentially saving you hundreds of pounds.

In the past, if there was an issue with your airbag you had to get it replaced at a great cost to you.

Technological advances have meant that this no longer be the case, with our expert staff and technology we are able to:

•Reset Your Airbag
•Repair Airbag Module
•Remove Error Codes & Crash Codes
•Remove Stored Data
•Plus Much More

Your module will be sent back after repair and will work as if you had bought a new one. The module will work in exactly the same way as your original.

If we can not fix your ECU the only cost to you is the postage back. The module will work in exactly the same way as your original one.

We cover the whole country.