At Jack’s Auto Garage we can take care of all your auto repair needs, from oil changes and brakes, to computer problems and driveability issues. We work on exhaust and cooling systems, and do engine and transmission replacements. We have the diagnostic equipment to handle all of your automotive computer and electrical issues. We can also give you an estimate on all services.
Give us a call today and let us help you keep your vehicle running it’s best! Our priority is giving our customers the best service available, keeping in mind the customer’s cost, safety and peace of mind.

We offer:

1. All year servicing.

Preparation to MOT test
2. Replacing Fluid’s:

Rngine oil
Gearbox oil
Brake oil
Cooling fluid
3. Timing Belt Replacment:

Belt replacment
Rollers tensiomers

4. Exhaust:

Catalytic converter
Full exhaust
5. Clutches:

Driven Plate
Pressure plate
Realase bearing
Dual Mass Fly Wheel
6. Cooling:

water pump
7. Suspension:

Full service
And much more…..